ProDesk® 48 Electric Panel

Privacy/Modesty Flex Panel

  • Works seamlessly with ProDesk® 48 Electric models
  • Two ways to create privacy and reduce distractions
  • Creates privacy above or below the desk surface (each unit contains one flex panel)

Providing Some Privacy
The ProDesk® 48 Electric Privacy/Modesty Panel gives you two ways to add some privacy to your active workspace. Position the panel above your desktop to reduce visual distractions, or position it below to hide cords and cables. You can also use two panels together for both privacy and modesty at the same time. Attaching the Privacy/Modesty Panel to your ProDesk Electric is incredibly simple, requires no additional tools and takes just a few minutes. Panels come in two sizes to fit all ProDesk Electric models.

  • ProDesk 48 Electric Panel Measurements: 30.5cm(H) x 101.5cm(W–Widest point) 96.5(W–Slimmest point) x .5cm(D) | 12”(H) x 40”(W–Widest point) 38”(W–Slimmest point)” x 1/8”(D) |
  • Provides privacy above or below desktop
  • Two panels can be attached to one workstation for maximum privacy
  • Durable acrylic with a frosted finish
  • Easily attaches to the desktop with included hand bolt
  • No extra tools required
  • Designed to work exclusively with ProDesk Electric models

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